Valve assembly for liquid multiplexing

Sometimes something very simple can make your life easy or, at least, your process better.

You probably need a gizmo.  Biology meets the real world in the laboratory and we bet you can think of something in your laboratory you could fix or make better with some part or assembly you might not have the least idea (till now) how to obtain.

BME Systems can make that thing.  It can be microprocessor-based, or ion sensitive.  But it can also be a knob on an instrument that isn’t made any longer (we’ve actually made many knobs).

We use awesome tools and work with different types of machinists and sheet metal manufacturers to create stainless items that modify or replace parts that must withstand corrosion or sterilization temperatures.  If a part you use is prone to failure, we can redesign it to last longer.

We can also design and make digitally printed parts.  The material keep getting better and less expensive.  Think of something for us to make for you.

Spill Disaster Prevention System

By the way, the item at the left… is a 3D printed part that goes around an existing bundle of cables and tubing penetrating a lab benchtop.  It keeps a spill from traveling down the hole  to whatever the cables are plugged into!

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