BME Systems can develop systems to control, monitor and display information from your fermentors, bioreactors, mass spectrometers or other instrumentation using industry standard hardware and software like GE Proficy iFix, Emerson Delta V, Allen Bradley, Rockwell Automation, Automation Direct and Lab Windows by National Instruments, all of which are used in many industries to create robust collection/control systems.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System for Fermentation

Many instruments use standard protocols such as Modbus and, increasingly, OPC (Ole for Process Control).  We have extensive experience with interfacing between systems using these protocols.

We can store information from your system on a corporate server or make the data from one or more processes available at selected desktops anywhere within the corporation.

The value of research and pilot plant data is realized when it is organized, analyzed, grouped and presented at the desktop. This can be done using well structured database and analysis tools fed directly by the information coming from the process monitoring/control system. We can develop and integrate each of these systems so that your process data is presented in a clearly and in an expected format with little or no intervention.  We can also recommend software tools to browse the data ad hoc to, say, compare trends between an active process and a historical run.

BME Systems has reprogrammed entire multi-unit control systems whose hardware has become unsupported at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

When a database is required for a solution, we’ve used Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL,  MS Access and others.

BME Systems will always use the tool with the the highest level of off-the-shelf functionality for a solution — often the one that requires the least configuration or programming.  But there is always configuration and sometimes programming required to implement a well targeted solution.  BME Systems has the knowlege and experience to get the job done.

A good example of the collection of  equipment and instrumentation from many vendors into a integrated system for visualization, alarming and analysis is a SCADA System for Fermentation.




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