Six Channel   Valve Controller





Six Channel Valve Controller

    The BME Six Channel Valve Controller provides six independent and automatically timed channels of solenoid control for the precise administration of drugs and solutions to patch clamp and other neuropharmacological preparations. Adjustable "shock on" circuitry is used to permit fast activation times, and is combined with a low-power holding-current function to prevent excessive heat generation.

    Each channel features two modes. When set to manual, each solenoid (normally closed) may be activated for any period of time. A rear logic input (for each channel) may also be used in manual mode to activate the solenoid for the period of time the input is logic high. In auto mode, it can be programmed from 1 millisecond to 9.9999 seconds as specified by four front panel pushwheel digits. When a channel is in auto mode, its rear panel input will also trigger activation for the specified period beginning at the rising edge of a logic pulse. An activation sum output is provided on the rear panel to indicate activation of any of the six channels. The signal is nominally zero volts. Each activated channel contributes 0.2 V to the sum output.

    Lee Company series FFAA valves are typically utilized with the controller and are available separately. These valves feature zero dead space, low leakage, and fast activation time.

    A valve housing for six Lee Company Series LFAA valves is available.

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Timing error (% of specified time) <1.0 %
Minimum solenoid impedance 250 ohms
Maximum on time Indefinite
Shock voltage amplitude 12-45, adjustable V
Shock voltage duration 3 msec
Sum activation output (no channels on) 0 V
Sum activation output (each channel on) 0.2 V