Electromechanical Design: Six Pump Tower Retrofit for an Eppendorf 310 Fermentor

Core to our biomedical engineering expertise is the ability to transduce, store, display and analyze biopotential level signals. BME Systems can design and manufacture instrumentation that combines sensitive analog circuitry with embedded microprocessor-based and digital signal processing electronics for your specific medical research and biotech applications.  The signal levels we have worked with range from the picoAmp currents used in patch clamp neurophysiology to 460 VAC used in industrial equipment.  In biotech, for example, sensitive signals from sensor probes exist on the same skid with high voltage variable speed motor drives.  We have worked with it all.

BME can also save precious startup and R & D funds by reducing the number of personnel required on your staff to get an instrumentation project through the concept and testing phase of development.

Other times straightforward signal translation electronics or a microprocessor-based logic circuit is required to get the job done.  We never build from scratch unless it’s necessary — always using off-the-shelf circuitry and logic control when we can.  But sometimes component level knowledge is required.  BME Systems has the capability.

An example of how mechanical, electronic and microprocessor designs come together to make a product that creates value for a customer is the Six Pump Tower Retrofit for an Eppendorf 310 Fermentor.  Check it out!

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