A Simple Mission

Good help is now easier to find

Your laboratory has a process flow complete with instrumentation and methodology that has been tested and proven over time.  It works!

But every lab manager knows that parts of their workflow could be made more efficient, more productive and more reliable.   But who has the time?  Who is going to do that?

Implementing systems on your own while working is a challenge.

In today’s rapidly evolving market, innovations happening at the bench are driving businesses forward at unprecedented speeds. Companies must vigilantly monitor new methodologies that could potentially prompt a shift in production processes or even redefine the products themselves. At the same time though, the implementation of macro-scaled technology is essential to enable research and development (R&D) and to ensure consistency and quality in production.

Small to medium-sized biotech firms often struggle to access skilled engineering resources for tasks such as implementing automation or equipment acquisition due to either scarcity or affordability issues.  Staff with experience and knowledge of FDA compliance can be hard to find in small firms.

Large corporations face challenges when projects exceed the scope of their in-house engineering or IT departments. We collaborate closely with companies to craft integrated solutions tailored to their needs and employing best practices and components for sustainable results, with some systems boasting over two decades of continuous operation.

Enhance bioscience laboratory productivity with engineering support

Recognizing the pressing need for a better approach, BME Systems was formed to bridge the gap, leveraging its expertise to research, communicate, build and fully implement cost-effective solutions for the laboratory.  Biomedical engineers working with biotechnology understand both real-world tools as well as the science.   BME Systems can work with you in bioscience shorthand.

Whether advising on technical projects, or serving as a trusted partner in vendor selection, or fabricating things you need in the laboratory, BME Systems stands ready to provide expert consultation and support every step of the way, ensuring that you can focus on what you do best: advancing science and producing your bioscience product.

BME Systems works with laboratory staff for project management

Project management

We can manage a capital investment project for the laboratory. Instead of using lab personnel who may not be be familiar in working with multiple vendors, we can work with in house staff to complete the job from defining requirements to developing OQ/PQ documentation and training.


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