Project management

Experience is important when creating process infrastructure

“We really need this, but who here in the lab has the time to scope the project, find vendors, develop a specification, work with staff to be sure the thing is actually the right thing, work with vendors develop IQ and OQ and PQ, schedule implementation, train, and document?” 

A common refrain.  The most senior lab person has the best chance of getting each of the pieces done right, but it is not reasonable to assign that staff member the task.  So the pieces that are necessary to define a successful project often are relegated to junior staff.  Every laboratory faces this conundrum!

BME Systems can help

A successful project is a cost effective one.

What’s the scenario we see most often with internally developed projects?  It is that solutions do not take into account the whole workflow to solve the problem completely.  Often an inexperienced staff member will choose the item a vendor offers instead of considering the big picture and how pieces of technology can be brought together. Most internally developed solutions simply do not go far enough to make an investment cost effective.  A well-defined project considers of the details around the central equipment, identifying and specifying complete systems that make the project efficient and successful. 

Need an FDA compliant solution?  No problem.  We work with your staff to determine the best solution to accomplish the task — safely and in compliance — validated and verified.

BME Systems has implemented hundreds of projects. Even if you need a “fly on the wall” when deciding between vendors, we know the right questions to ask up front to ensure that your investment is a clear win!

BME Systems works with laboratory staff for project management

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