Laboratory Instrument / Part Design and Manufacture

The right instrument or part can make the difference!

We search thoroughly before designing a solution.  But if your needs are unique, we will augment what is commercially available or create a solution for you from scratch.

Using the best-in-class software design like Dassault Systems,  Solidworks and documentation tools, we model and fabricate laboratory parts – even replacements for obsolete parts, in engineered plastic or stainless – fast!  

Design visuals can be produced suitable for inclusion in compliance documentation or for publication.

Check out some of the hundreds of parts and systems we’ve created for our clients!

Part and Instrumentation Projects

Smart Solutions

We build both the simplest systems and and on projects that other vendors will not touch!

Rich Experience

We've served research and development in medicine and industrial bioscience for 35 years. Some of our systems have been in continuous operation for over 25 years.

Current Technology

We integrate commercially available components where possible and use the best hardware and software tools available where necessary to build complete solutions.

Other services