Laboratory Integration and Automation

Creating Systems That Work For You!

Your lab needs help!  You have procedures or processes that can be made easier, faster or better. But using lab personnel get it done takes focus away from your core research.

Enter BME Systems!

We can build hardware or combine instrumentation communication with a software stack to save time and reduce error.

Lab members who perform repetitive tasks will be happy when cost effective hardware and software tools are brought together to lighten the load. Sometimes tasks are ergonomic hazards that can be eliminated with a straightforward industrial solution. Even simple additions to the lab can make a huge difference in productivity.

We have the experience in bioscience to design and build the right system to streamline your process cost-effectively. Valuable staff resources can be put to better use for both R&D and production.

Lab Integration and Automation Projects

Smart Solutions

We design the simplest parts for the laboratory and build complex systems for bioscience other vendors will not touch!

Rich Experience

We've served research and development in medicine and industrial bioscience for 35 years. Some of our systems have been in continuous operation for over 25 years.

Current Technology

We use the best hardware and software tools and the highest level of commercially available components possible to create cost effective and supportable solutions.

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