Software Analysis and Databases For Bioscience

Data Drives Bioscience

 Every project or effort in bioscience has associated data.  There are also a plethora of tools available to deal with it.  But it can be frustrating manually shoe-horning your data into containers that don’t match what you do — with no easy interface to retrieve what you need quickly.  Sometimes the most valuable data are those you aren’t collecting.

BME Systems can analyze your workflow to determine commonalities, so that data can be kept, parsed and cleaned in a form that makes it available to everyone in the laboratory… for years.  We’ll help you determine the right software stack that makes sense for all the parameters like durability, interface and cost.

 Data can range from freezer sample storage information to -omic datasets that need to be parsed and cleaned for AI training.

We create both local and web-based applications using Python, Visual Basic, C++ and C as well as many instrument-specific languages. This includes databases commonly used in bioscience deployable locally or on cloud based systems like Google or AWS.

Software and Database Projects

Smart Solutions

We build both the simplest systems and the toughest that other vendors will not touch!

Rich Experience

We've served research and development in medicine and industrial bioscience for 35 years. Some of our systems have been in continuous operation for over 25 years.

Current Technology

We use the best hardware and software available to build solutions. That means the highest level commercially available components where possible and the most flexible tools where necessary.

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