Bioflo® 310 Temperature Control Cabinet Service

If your Bioflo 310 is not heating or cooling fast enough or well enough, it probably needs service.


Heating and cooling in the Bioflo® 310 unit is performed through the components of the temperature control cabinet.  These components fail over time, resulting in inconsistent or insufficient heating and/or cooling. If you haven’t serviced your cabinet in a unit that has been running continually for 2 or more years, it likely needs service.   This service replaces all active components items in the unit that are likely to fail over time.  An operational check is performed on completion.   Note:  THIS IS NOT A NEW CONTROL CABINET FROM EPPENDORF.   Rather it is a replacement of parts to refurbish your existing cabinet.    Turn around time is typically 10 days.

Bioflo®  is a registered trademark of Eppendorf USA.