Dynamic Torque Measurement

Measuring real power in small scale fermentation

For large scale fermentations, the power (proportional to torque) required for media agitation can be determined using the variable frequency drive (VFD) that controls the multi-phase motor.  However, the torque is often either not available or is inaccurate with small scale fermentations that use smaller motors.

BME Systems incorporates a commercially available, non-contact, shaft-to-shaft sensor by Futek to obtain primary measurement of torque on the agitation shaft of a 10L small-scale vessel.  The measurement does not affect the fermentation.  A dedicated tablet collects the torque signal via WiFi every few seconds.  The tablet also displays the current torque measurement and the trend over the course of the run in real time.

Sometimes it is important to know when and how much power is required for agitation during a run that produces biomass exponentially.  BME Systems gets the job done!

Measure torque and power in small scale fermentation

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