Integrating information, software, instruments and electro-mechanical systems to facilitate biomedical research and production What We Do

  • Process Optimization

    BME Systems can review your current laboratory process flow and suggest applications of straightforward technology to maximize productivity, increase quality and reduce error.

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  • Laboratory Automation

    We are experienced in designing and specifying systems that start with your current manual procedure and end in a completely automated or semi-automated turn-key system.

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  • Lab Part Design

    If you have a question, you go to the internet.  If you need some thing for your lab to make your process better or easier, BME Systems can make it.

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  • Software Integration

    We integrate commercially available industrial software with databases to create information systems that work in the laboratory for data collection, reporting and visualization.

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  • Equipment Design

    BME Systems can design and manufacture instrumentation that combines sensitive analog circuitry with embedded microprocessor-based and digital signal processing electronics for biomedical and biotech applications.

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  • Lab Glue!

    Lab Glue represents our ability to combine your existing instrumentation with off-the-shelf software and connecting technology pieces we create to facilitate research, improve process quality and reduce tedium.

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For Biotechnology and Biomedical Research Engineering Projects

We are committed to delivering excellence

BME Systems is a prime government contractor. We have served the NIH and completed hundreds of projects for dozens of commercial clients across North America.

Engineering for Bioscience Research and Production

We provide industrial strength solutions to R & D and production biotech process applications. With over 30 years of experience we ensure that your processes run with cost effective efficiency.

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